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  The 16th World Trade Union Congress was sucessfully completed
11:00 11/05/2011(GMT+7)  

Vietnamese trade union delegation head by VGCL President Dang Ngoc Tung attended this event.
The Congress began in a enthusiastic and militant atmosphere with the official Opening Ceremony and the participation of 828 representatives from 101 countries of the world in front of more than 4.000 Greek workers.
During four days of the congress, 115 speakers from the five continents and the basic sectors took the floor.
All the acute, contemporary problems of the working people, the poor farmers, the self-employed, the youth, the women, the pensioners and the landless were discussed. Resolutions that strengthen the class-oriented character of the WFTU and aim for the strengthening of the international trade union movement have been voted.
Greeting messages from the General Secretary of UN, Ban Ki-Moon, Diredtor General of the ILO and many country leaders have been received.
During the days of the Congress were held Meetings by Region, as well as Youth and Working Women Meetings with very large attendance.
The Congress voted for amendments of  the Constitution of WFTU and also elected new leadership with secret ballot.
598 representatives and 213 observers (811 in total) voted for the election of the new Presidential Council. The Presidential Council has now 40 members, 24 of whom are new members.
Bro. Shaaban Azzouz, General Federation of Trade Unions (Syria) and George Mavrikos were re-elected WFTU President and General Secretary, respectively. VGCL President Dang Ngoc Tung was also re-elected WFTU Vice President.
This was a historic and class-oriented Congress for its record of participations as well as for its adopted Resolutions and its democratic – open proceedings. On the same time, there was a unanimous optimism that the working class and its allies are the future of the world.
Vân Lam

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